Ceramiclean - For Easy Glass Maintenance


If you live in a hard water area you're probably used to finding that limescale builds up easily on the glass. This is because, when looked at under a microscope, glass has a texture like sandpaper, so limescale sticks to it easily. Some glass is treated with easy clean nanotechnology which alters the molecular structure of the glass, creating a smooth surface that works to repel water; thus eliminating the problem.

A new generation ceramic coating is here to help you clean less and live more.

Ceramiclean offers a professionally applied nanotechnology coating which creates a bond on the glass surface which is similar to a non-stick fry pan.

It will repel water, oil, dirt and seaspray cutting down cleaning time and the need for harsh chemicals next time you clean.

Ceramiclean will make your glass balustrade and pool fence glass brilliant, scratch and chip resistant.

Keep your view clean and unobstructed.