Staircase Balustrades

Staircase Balustrade

At Balustrade1 our wide variety of products can be adapted to internal and external staircases. From frameless glass through to complete stainless steel balustrades we will make sure your staircase is completed with the right products to give it a timeless, quality look that perfectly matches the rest of the staircase. Our experts can match your area with the perfect balustrade type and are available to offer free consultations regarding your project.

Our styles include:

  • Frameless Glass - creates an inviting, open look.
  • Semi Frameless Glass - open look with easy hold hand rails.
  • Stainless Steel - solid and stylish.
  • Wire Balustrade - great for external staircases, especially with decking.


All our products require minimum maintenance to maintain their appeal and longevity and safety is a priority with high quality stainless steel and thick 12mm glass approved to Australian standards used across all our residential and commercial projects..

Frameless Glass

Approved to Australian standards with 12mm glass, the frameless glass looks spectacular and is stronger than it appears. Our frameless glass balustrade/panels are the highest grade on the market ensuring safety and longevity, whilst providing a striking finish to your staircase.

Glass Banister

Semi Frameless Glass

Also using 12mm glass built to Australian standards Balustrade1 can create many combinations of semi frameless balustrades to suit your needs. The most common use of this within staircases is to provide a sleek handrail sitting on top of the glass panels. It can also be used to frame the glass horizontally.

Semi Frameless Glass Look

Steel & Wire

Steel or wire fencing can provide a great look for outdoor stairs as well as being easily adaptable for indoor use. These materials provide a fantastic, cost-effective option for your home, without sacrificing your modern and sleek design. A great look for any home.

Steel & Wire Options

Start Your Staircase Project

With over a decade of experience under our belt, our offering of services to such a vast area, and our commitment to excellent customer service, we are confident that we can help you with your stair bannister needs and much more.

If you have any queries regarding what we do and how we can help you, please contact us for a free quote in your area today.