50% Deposit request will be required before we commence. This is to ensure we have paid our supplier for materials beforehand.

Final payment will be due 24 hours before installation.

Glazing certificate and Engineers’ certificates supplied on completion and final payment.

The Quote will be subject to a final site measure and inspection.

Glass panel sizes and gaps will be chosen by Engineers to ensure building regulations are met.

Harness fixing points to be supplied by the Builder where applicable.

If you require any changes to the original quote, please contact Lynne on 0438292131 so that the quote can be revised accordingly.

If you agree to the quote please sign and date the acceptance, take a photo or scan it then email to lynne@balustrade1.com.au or text to 0438292131.

We assure quality and only use high quality products. Our top rails are stainless steel and the wires are 316 marine grade quality.

Our glass is 12mm and toughened to BCA code. Where powder coated, a reputable company is used.

We look forward to working with you on your new Balustrade project.